Texas Resolution Group presents an efficient, non-adversarial, less costly, and very popular procedure to resolve debt issues both in and out of the court system. We present a proven alternative to the expensive, time consuming and sometimes intimidating legal processes.

Texas Resolution Group is truly unique by providing a revolutionary debt resolution system for today's time, when people get entrapped with debt. For years we have been setting the standard for quality within the debt resolution industry by performing a "virtual debt resolution process". There's no physical meeting for both parties to attend. The principle parties continue about their normal business while our resolution process toggles between the parties using cutting edge technology to effectively communicate until a mutually acceptable resolution is reached.

This efficient process saves time and is more convenient for both parties, especially if there is a geographic distance factor or if the parties are busy.
  • Our resolution process removes the potential discomfort of face-to-face meetings.
  • Our resolution process allows each party the leisure of time to carefully deliberate their position (or consult with others if needed); removing the pressure to make responses or decisions at a meeting table.
  • Our system allows the resolution process to quickly commence without scheduling delays.
  • Our resolution process saves you time and money!
Texas Resolution Group has helped thousands of people just like you all over the State of Texas, for many years, and maintains a remarkable success rate in excess of 98%.